* Kindergarten section of the Smartens senior celebrated Grandparent's Day.  * Smarten ninos celebrated Grandparent's Day with grandparents.

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At Smarten our mission is to develop intellect and character of each student by providing outstanding educational facilities. We foster Leadership, Collaboration and Creativity. Smarten is always at the forefront in the use of educational technology. Smarten teachers and learning specialists are specially trained in the science of teaching and are guided by the study of attention, memory, language development, and high order cognition.
Smarten provides an optimal learning environment for each individual student using a variety of proven instructional methods. Resources for Smarten students include a universal design for instruction and assistive technology tools such as Smart-boards with software especially designed to support learning with the child centric approach. We believe in making each child learn the best according to his level & qualities. Every child is special in its own way, working on enhancement of mental ability and physical education is, what we aim for... Read More >>

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THE SMARTEN SCHOOL WISHES HAPPY TEACHERS DAY 2013 TO ALL. The first vice president of India and the second President of India, Dr.Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was born in a poor Brahmin family of South India on 5th September 1888. His father earned very less income through zamindari and had to take care of a big family. Though his father wanted him to become a priest and not join school and learn English, Radhakirshnan was finally sent to school of the local area itself.